mini 174511It has been almost a year since an experienced Polish diplomat was elected to serve as President and Executive Director of one of the most buoyant Polish-American organizations – The Kosciuszko Foundation, based in New York City.

imagevis201600On November 2, 2016, Deputy Minister of Culture and National Heritage Jaroslaw Sellin visited our Museum.

stezycki07On October 27, 2016, the Museum organized a meeting with Andrzej Zygmunt Rola-Stezycki. The event was part of a series of meetings with authors at the Museum and Education Center.

polonia201616On September 5, 2016, The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka received representatives of Polish organizations from all over the world, including Brazil, Australia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Lithuania.

wizch020On May 20, 2016, the Museum hosted a group of food producers from China, who had arrived in Poland to take part in the CHINA AGRI FOOD FAIR (POLAND). The fair attracted 100 agribusiness companies from China.