IMG 3817The manor and park in Warka-Winiary is a place which welcomes people of all ages. We would like to especially welcome senior citizens. We are looking to start a partnership with all senior citizens institutions, including senior citizens clubs, golden age senior clubs, and world universities of the Third Age. Such partnership would give the worldwide community of senior citizens the opportunity to participate in talks on prominent Poles with ties to the United States of America, the history, culture and art of the 18th century, and the history, legends, and old customs connected with the town of Warka.

Feel free to contact us and ask about opportunities to participate in meetings featuring our exhibits from the permanent and temporary exhibitions as well as the nature associated with our historic park. We organize meets in the café on site, discussion evenings, and meetings with people involved in art and history.

Contact us at +48 48 667 20 20 or

Special offers for adults and senior citizens