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orda baner2The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka is delighted to invite you to tour our most recent temporary exhibition, which is due to open on December 17, 2022 at the manor library.


On July 3, 2022, the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka is opening a new temporary exhibition entitled "Reaching the dream. The Kosciuszko Foundation and its Polish founder."

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nocmuzeow 2021warkaThe Long Night of Museums returns to Warka on May 15, 2021, though slightly more modest than normally due to the pandemic.

IMG 20210504 164025Our recurring series entitled "Our Stories" this time features a new exhibition on issues close to the town’s heart. Wishing to celebrate the town’s 700th anniversary, we are unveiling "Warka–Pulaski Town."

pałac wnetrza 06 I DziedzickiWe are happy to announce that the Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka reopens to the public starting from May 5, 2021. The exhibitions can be toured from Wednesday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm.

Trojden VIIw WarkiWe are proud to announce that our Museum has received a subsidy from the Polish Ministry of Culture, National Heritage, and Sports to finance a project entitled "Warka, a 700-year history."

NDPRZSince 2017, March 24 has marked the National Day of Remembrance for Poles who rescued Jews under German occupation. It was initiated by the President of the Republic of Poland on the anniversary of the tragic death of the Ulma family from Markowa near Rzeszów, whom Germans executed for helping Jews following a decree dating October 15, 1941, requiring the Jewish population to limit their stay in the region.