Centrum Edukacyjno Muzealne

The Museum and Education Center is a newly built part of the Museum, opened following the "Revitalization of the manor and park complex in Warka" project in the years 2012-2015. The Center is the Museum's base and support area to conduct educational activities and promote culture. It is located in a place formerly occupied by old farm buildings in Warka-Winiary, elegantly dividing the park between the new and historic part.

The Center houses a publicly accessible common area and offices for the staff. It includes a conference and concert hall with a separate office, temporary exhibition room with an office, education room for meeting schoolchildren and the youth, collection storage area, archives, easily accessible library, tourist café, coat room, toilets, and landscaping equipment storage area.

The winning design in an open tender comes from Warsaw-based design studio of Bulanda & Mucha. The concept revolved around the rich tradition of this place and such timeless materials as brick and wood. The building does not overshadow the existing Pulaski Manor and underlines the latter's domination over the Museum and Education Center.

The formerly primary seat of the Museum, the Pulaski Manor, underwent a general renovation, after which the entire historic building was made accessible to the public. The staff offices, collection storage rooms, and landscaping base, previously housed in the historic building, are now located in the Center, which opened for the staff in September 2015. In May 2016, the building is scheduled to welcome the public.