edukacja w parkuThe park in Warka-Winiary is a historic place of great cultural significance. It is also a place of exceptional natural habitats and home to a great number of bird species. Its greenery is left as intact as possible, and the habitats on site are protected by law. The park is protected under a biodiversity program called Natura 2000: the Pilica River Valley is governed by the decision no PLB140003, and most of the park is additionally covered by the decision on the Lower Pilica River Valley no PLH140016. The Warka-Winiary park is one of the few local parks rich in old trees and its protection is crucial. This offers you the great opportunity to find untouched elements of nature, such as decaying tree remnants, tree stumps with overgrowth, natural undergrowth, and unreaped meadows.

The park is also rich in breeding birds, which tend to nest in dry and toppled trees. Forty seven species of wild birds have been confirmed here; thirty seven of those are nesting birds and another six are most likely to be breeding irregularly.

All of the above make the Warka-Winiary park a focal point for nature and environment education. The park features an educational hiking and biking trail "In the Pilica River Valley," thanks to which you will learn about the specificity of local forest, get to know the oxbow vegetation, and will have the chance to watch many species of birds. Feel free to take a hike in this serene, scenic, and nature-abound park, and read up on its vegetation and birds on the trail's tables.