Bieg Pułaskiego 2017 01If you are passionate about running, join us for the 15th Pulaski Run on October 15, 2017! Pulaski Run is a sports competition high on Warka open-air event list.

The marathon begins at 11.45 in the park surrounding the Casimir Pulaski Museum. The distance remains the same and amounts to a little over 6 miles (10 km,) which equals three rounds through the upper and lower park, including an area on the Pilica River. The finishing line is located in front of the Pulaski Manor, and the park will house an official run management center, changing area, and restrooms for our brave joggers.

We encourage all runners willing to accept the challenge to join us at the Warka-Winiary Park for the jubilee run. After all, the Pythagoreans considered number 6 to be the first perfect number. May our 6-mile run be no different!

For more information, visit us at and on our Facebook wall WARKABIEGA (both available in Polish.)