noc muzeów2017 006This year’s edition of Museums at Night was truly exceptional. Like every year, we opened the door wide for our nocturnal guests, and the beautiful weather combined with the picturesque scenery of our Museum and park attracted legions.

The Museum was open from 4pm to 1am, with the last patrons entering the building at midnight. All visitors were greeted by the staff, dressed in special garments and wearing characteristic make-up from the times of Casimir Pulaski. Female staff members wore grand and richly-decorated baroque gowns, with male garments consisting of long robes and coats, called kontusz and zupan, which used to be worn by Polish nobility. The guests were thrilled with the masquerade and took commemorative photos.

That night, visitors could tour two permanent exhibitions on "Casimir Pulaski and Great Poles in the USA" ("Kazimierz Pulaski i wielcy Polacy w USA") and the town of "Warka – a place touched by history" („Warka – miasto dotkniete historia.”)
In addition, the Museum made two open-air exhibitions available to the public: “I was here in... 1967-2017” ( „Byli tu... 1967-2017,”) showing well-known Museum guests from the worlds of culture and art, who have visited us over the 50 years of the Museum’s existence. The other open-air exhibition, entitled “Warka out in the open” ("Wareckie plenery,") depicted open-air paintings executed from 1974 through 2004.
A guided night walk in the Museum park started at 10pm sharp. Given the beautiful weather, the crowd came as no surprise. The walkers were pleased to have the opportunity to learn the story behind Winiary and its manor and hear several legends surrounding this place, which sounded even more interesting in the beautiful night scenery.

The concert hall at the Museum and Education Center hosted "Night Beats" ("Nocne granie,") featuring "Ostatnia paczka" with Leszek Owczarczyk, Bogdan Sabala, and Slawek Klimczuk; a concert by students of the Cantabile School of Vocal and Instrumental Arts (Studium Wokalno-Instrumentalne "Cantabile") led by Miroslaw Osiadacz; and a duet of Dariusz Raczka and Eliza Hanisch. The performers had already been known to Warka audience, who loves and appreciates them.

With its picturesque views, the arbor in the Warka-Winiary park offered yet another form of entertainment. Warka Board Game Association called WARG (short for Warka Gamers; Warecki Klub Gier Planszowych "Warg”) featured September 1939 ("Wrzesien 1939.”) The game includes historical models and figurines from the times of the Invasion of Poland, called the 1939 Defensive War. Everyone had the chance to try their hand as a strategist during a military conflict. WARG worked on this project together with the Warka-based reenactment group.

Additionally, the Museum provided a photo booth, where visitors could take commemorative photos wearing masks, wigs, and hats. Those in need of a quiet moment could enjoy a nice cup of coffee on the terrace, try barbecue dishes, or simply rest on beach chairs under the blue sky.

All of the above made this year's Long Night of Museums a wonderful and memorable event. We thank all Guests for their visit and hope to see you next year!


Photos by Rafal Donica