Lewandowska2016 a01On November 20, 2016, The Casimir Pulaski Museum had the pleasure to welcome vocalist and actress Joanna Lewandowska to the stage as part of the periodic Evening with Culture series of concerts.

Lewandowska was accompanied by musicians Grzegorz Piotrowski (saxophone), Sebastian Wypych (double bass), and Michal Zawadzki (piano). The concert, entitled "Men in my life – Marek G. from Krakow" („Mezczyzni mojego zycia – Marek G. z Krakowa"), tells the story of a singer, composer, and songwriter Marek Grechuta, who is closest to her heart. The artists met behind the scenes at the College Song Festival in Krakow (Studencki Festiwal Piosenki w Krakowie), which Joanna Lewandowska won. Following Marek Grechuta's death, Lewandowska was awarded the first scholarship named after the artist in 2006. Thanks to that, she was able to release her first album.

Joanna Lewandowska is one of the strongest female voices in the country, and is widely respected both inland and abroad. Her true passion lies in beautiful melodies with wise lyrics. She calls herself a "song thief" due to her ability to ferret out true musical jewels, find another (and sometimes yet another) layer, process them in her own special way, and return to the world loaded with emotions.

For the concert in Warka, the artist has chosen both crowd pleasers, such as "Our world" („Swiecie nasz”), "Rescue from Oblivion" („Ocalic od zapomnienia”), "Oranges and mandarins" („Pomarancze i mandarynki”), and less known songs, such as "Krakow („Krakow”), "Love" („Miłosc”), and "World in the Clouds" („Swiat w oblokach"). She interprets them with immeasurable emotions, moves to tears, pierces hearts with her strong and unusual voice and her rich interpretation. None of the musical pieces leaves the audience feeling indifferent. In addition, Lewandowska shares the stage with premium musicians, who are masters of their instruments, and create a spectacular musical background to the deep and wise lyrics.

The Grechuta Concert was a musical feast, which was a delight to any music connoisseur by virtue of the artist's voice and the exquisite artistry of the accompanying musicians: saxophonist Grzegorz Piotrowski, double bassist Sebastian Wypych, and pianist Michal Zawadzki. The eleventh edition of the Evening with Culture brought many emotional moments, meaningful reflections, and honest smiles. It was a fitting tribute to Marek Grechuta on the tenth anniversary of the artist's death. We would like to thank Joanna Lewandowska and the accompanying Musicians for the wonderful evening. We also wish to thank all guests for attending and look forward to welcoming you again.

We would like to thank Angelika and Jaroslaw Nowociel from Warszawska Wytwornia Wodek KONESER (CONNAISSEUR Warsaw Vodka Distillery), who have partnered up with our Museum to organize the Evening with Culture series of concerts.


fot. R. Donica