Raczka201601On October 18, 2016, Dariusz Raczka with Band performed at our Museum and Education Center. The occasion was truly a unique one – the artists celebrated his fortieth birthday!

The concert hall filled to capacity with fans and personal friends. The songs charmed with their genuine atmosphere of poetic meaning and were intertwined with stories told by not only the birthday person, but also his friends: poets Tadeusz Krzysztof Knyziak and Kazimierz Kochanski. Dariusz Raczka was accompanied by artists Maciej Rejmontowski (electric and acoustic guitar), Maciej Buczynski (bass), Piotr Czechowski (cajon, hand drums), and wife Anna Kolasa-Raczka (vocal) with their little baby girl, who is already showing great musical promise. The concert also featured Old Youth Band+ (Stary Zespol Mlodziezowy+), and Marcin Koc.

The music this evening was stupendous, and the audience spent a great time. The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka would like to thank Dariusz Raczka for the wonderful performance and wish him much success both in his musical career and in private life.