daukszewicz001The tenth 'Evening with Culture,' featuring Krzysztof Daukszewicz, was filled with satire, laughter, and good fun, at the same time including moments of poignant reflections on reality.

The performance by one of the most recognizable modern Polish satire artists, poet, composer, and singer Krzysztof Daukszewicz was warmly received by Warka audience, who rewarded him with a thunderous applause.

Our guests had the chance to listen to his famous crowd pleasers, such as "Easy Rider," "McDrive," "Good Night Europe" („Dobranoc Europo”), "Iggy's Letter to his Lord, the Count" („List Ignacego do Hrabiego”), and "The Ballad of Still Life in the Autumn of Life" („Ballada o martwej naturze na emeryturze”).

The artist told many anecdotes about the CB-radio, drunkards and… the unemployed. Daukszewicz also commented on recent sociopolitical events, naturally with a great deal of humor. The wonderful atmosphere was full of musings and amusing journeys to the corners of human personality, which hyperbolically depicted the inadequacies and faults of our folks.

We would like to thank Krzysztof Daukszewicz for meeting with us. We had great fun, and appreciate the honest and warm discussion with our audience  We would also like to thank our guests for their large attendance and a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The next 'Evening with Culture' is scheduled for November 20, 2016. The audience will have the chance to listen to Marek Grechuta music sung by Joanna Lewandowska. Do not miss it!


fot. R. Donica