cem warka 02The Casimir Pulaski Museum in Warka has received brand-new equipment thanks to a grant by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and help from Grojec district authorities.

The conference and concert hall and the education suite at the Museum and Education Center now greet their guests with new chairs, tables, sound and light systems, and a professional overhead projector.

The Museum and Education Center opened its doors in 2015. Its construction was part of the “Revitalization of the manor and park in Warka” project, which did not encompass refurbishing the center. The Museum has spent several years looking for means to equip it.

The amount of PLN 150,000 (currently over USD 40,000) allocated by the Ministry as part of the „2017 Cultural Infrastructure” grant project makes it possible for the Museum to finalize a project entitled „Purchasing equipment for the Museum and Education Center in Warka in order to conduct cultural activities.” Including the deposit, the entire investment amounts to PLN 192,000 (currently just under USD 53,000). Its effects could be seen during the festive celebration of the Museum’s 50th anniversary.

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The Museum bought 200 conference chairs (170 chairs for the conference and concert hall and another 30 for the education suite) as well as 6 tables (the suite). In addition, the Museum and Education Center gained professional sound and light systems. Especially noteworthy is the overhead projector, thanks to which the Museum will be able to screen films in great quality.

The agreement with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage was finalized over the last few days, and the account is scheduled to be settled by the end of August.

The Museum wishes to thank the Minister of Culture and National Heritage for the “2017 Cultural Infrastructure” grant and Grojec district authorities for their support in implementing the project.







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